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new stud

We wish to welcome our new Meitar-MSc students!
Gili, Oz and Shir! 


hand of scientist with test tube and flask in medical chemistry lab blue banner background

Gili’s project is directed towards engineering novel inhibitors for well-established chemical targets in cancer therapy - Matrix Metalloproteinases (MMPs).

Oz develops a normalization approach to convert next generation sequencing results (obtained from protein library affinity sorts) to Ki (protease inhibition constants) values, and tests the approach on a held-out test set of APPI mutants complexed with mesotrypsin and KLK6. 

Shir is focused on developing nanobodies (Nbs), derived from camel, against Receptor Tyrosine Kinases HER2/HER3 heterodimer, function as an oncogenic unit and initiate signaling pathways to promote tumor cell survival, by forming a heterodimer through interactions between their extracellular dimerization arms, TM, and c-terminal domains. 

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